Who we are

The background of Nik. Dasteridis S.A. goes back in 1976, in Alexandroupoli, founded by Nikolaos and Georgios Dasteridis. Investing continuously in high trained personnel and new technologies, today it constitutes one of the most recognised European companies with personality and considerable profile. With the guidance and administration of Yannis and Vasilis Dasteridis, the company's fundamental aim is the continuous development with new products, modern innovative methods of production that extending dynamically its export activities all over the world.


The most critical gene is our service excellence, which is our hurt and soul of the company. The company invests in the people that compose its potential. Therefore all the company's departments are staffed with the most specialised and suitably worked out personnel.


Nik. Dasteridis S.A. (MFG) - Dasteri Systems S.A. executives achieved with hard work and devotion in the objectives of the company to create in a privately owned space of 15.500 square metres, a completely self-sufficient unit:

  • with a department of research and growth where we investigate new needs, ideas, materials and ways of designing and manufacture.
  • with modern department of studies and planning that gives solutions concerning the needs and the specifications of our customers.
  • with specialised departments of production, manned with the latest technology machinery, which produce and assemble. 

The basic body of the company's products constitute the line with the trademark known internationally as Dasteri and includes:

  • Completed car light systems
  • Rotated beacons 
  • Roof ventilators 
  • Safety switches 
  • Interior car lights 
  • Work lamps

High quality

All Nik. Dasteridis S.A. (MFG) - Dasteri Systems S.A. products consist of the most excellent quality according to the specifications of ISO 9002 (System of Guarantee of Quality) and the international models and correspond completely in the requirements of the international market. At the same time, they cover the qualitative specifications (HOMOLOGATION), which are established by the qualified comity of European Union.